Improving Quality in Assisted Living: An Introduction to the National Patient Safety Organization for Assisted Living
Recorded on April 16, 2014 (90 minutes)

In 2013, NCAL began a collaboration with the New Jersey Hospital Association's Patient Safety Organization (PSO) to collect clinical performance measures.  The National Patient Safety Organization for Assisted Living (PSO) officially launched in January 2014.  Patient Safety Organizations serve as a group of independent, external experts who collect and analyze data related to quality and patient safety. All PSOs are certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).   This exciting new collaboration will enable NCAL members to benchmark outcomes and process measures nationally.  By gaining access to this previously unavailable national data, assisted living communities can gain a better understanding of their unique strengths and weaknesses, and set specified improvement goals.


Learning Objectives:  

1. Understand what a Patient Safety Organization is and background of PSOs
2. Learn about how the National Patient Safety Organization for Assisted Living can help your community improve quality
3. Understand what kind of data the PSO will be collecting and the tool that will be used to collect data


Margaret Murphy Carley, JD, Long Term Care Consultant

Helen Crunk, RN, AL Consultant

Lindsay B. Schwartz, Ph.D., Director, Workforce and Quality Improvement

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