Provider Taxes: Current options and considerations in moving towards Managed care
Recorded on April 15, 2013 (120 minutes)

In tight budget time, cuts to the Medicaid provider tax program are often seen by members of Congress and the White House as an easy way of saving federal dollars. During this session, we will receive an update from Joe Lubarsky regarding the options states have to try to maximize provider tax revenues, as well as key issues and considerations state affiliates should be aware regarding the use and design of provider taxes in a managed care environment. A managed care state (Arizona) will discuss how their state has structured its nursing center provider tax and lessons learned and considerations for other states that are moving towards implementing Medicaid managed long-term care. We will then hear from a state (Indiana) that uses its provider tax to fund quality incentive payments and may be moving to a managed care environment about how their tax is structured and concerns they have about how such a move could affect their provider tax program.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Understand current options states have to maximize provider tax
2. Understand key considerations regarding how provider taxes can be structured in a managed care environment
3. Learn about issues and considerations for state affiliates in this changing environment


Joe Lubarsky

Kathleen Collins Pagels

Zach Cattell

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